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——One Stop Solutions Provider Of Your Metal Precision Parts

Shenzhen Yaodafa Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fuhai Street, Bao''an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the new exhibition capital. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in metal etching processing and production. The company gathers etching industry experts and introduces advanced technology. The etched water production line can be etched and precision processed according to customer requirements for stainless steel, copper, iron plate, alloy and other materials.

The company’s products are widely used in: consumer electronics, precision filtration, precision hardware, communications products, automotive precision parts filtration, decorative panels, medical equipment, aerospace, petrochemical, military equipment, experimental research, household appliances, application components and other industries.

The materials used by the company are mainly imported, and can be used for metal etching of various metal materials, mainly SUS304, SUS301, SUS316 austenitic steel stainless steel series, ferritic steel, martensitic steel, non-ferrous metal. , special materials such as alloy materials and composite materials. The thickness ranges from 0.02mm to 2.0mm. Depending on the thickness of the material, the tolerance can be controlled to ±0.01mm.

Since its inception, Shenzhen Yaodafa Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has been striving for excellence and excellence. With the integrity, pragmatism and innovative spirit of all employees, Shenzhen Yaodafa Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading companies in the etching industry in terms of technological innovation. The company pursues the corporate philosophy of professional management and large-scale operation, and provides users with high-quality, cost-effective metal etching products in a serious, active, strict and efficient way of doing things.

At present, the main product categories: precision etching; etching processing; metal etching processing; precision thermistor, precision filtration, medical blades, household white goods parts, stainless steel filter, mask, electrode needle, charging grid, charging Needles, precision springs, runner plates, heat sink mesh, and a perfect combination of stamping and CNC processes to provide a total solution.


The company''s products have been unanimously recognized by customers, such as: Essex Wind Power, Yellow River Hydropower New Energy, Mattel, Toshiba Household Appliances, Midea Refrigeration, CECT and other customers. Some research universities such as: Tsinghua University, Fudan University, China Electronics Technology Group, Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Institute of Nanoscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other customers.

Faced with the continuous improvement of the requirements for precision etching products, the company has continuously introduced advanced technology, talents and management experience to form a team of R&D personnel and management personnel. Invested and established Dongguan Jingbo Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, after years of hard work, it has owned many imported high-precision etching production lines and stamping, laser cutting, CNC production lines, before the growth into a large-scale enterprise, the company''''s processing and production Etching sheet products, with first-class product quality, sincere and thoughtful after-sales service, the company is deeply trusted and praised by customers.


Our company is in line with the concept of "Quality First, Customer First, Service First", perfect quality assurance system and reasonable price, and sincerely provide professional services for users. We are your trustworthy partner. We will continue to operate with integrity, innovation and innovation, and provide the best quality etching products and perfect services for new and old customers. We look forward to cooperating with you sincerely.

Product advantages: precision, quality assurance, fast shipping, and price concessions.

Main service areas: Etched lead frame, precision filter, grating, diaphragm, hardware speaker net, panel etching, exquisite LOGO, metal heating wire, LED bracket, mask version, etc., insect net, shielding box, shielding cover,speaker grill cover, Shims & spacers, Metal encoder disk, Optical mask & air slit, toy model accessories ,Charge Corona Grid ,Ground lug terminal,Shims, Flat Springs,Shadow Mask,Laminated shim,CNC Aluminum Parts,Washers,Metal Filter Mesh


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Shenzhen Yaodafa Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

——Design and sales of metal accessories, metal finished products

——One Stop Solutions Provider Of Your Metal Precision Parts

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